Jurgens Off-Road XT160

2014 Model
2014 Model

More Details

  • Paint warranty.
  • Independent swing-arm suspension.
  • Run-in brakes.
  • Removable jockey wheel.
  • Hot-dipped galvanised chassis.
  • Tailgate and two side hatches.
  • Two 20L Jerry Can Brackets.
  • Emergency Kit (Spare wheel, wheel spanner, triangle, fire extinguisher, spade and axe).
  • Full trailer tent.
  • Two 4,5kg gas cylinders.
  • Double wash basin and table.
  • Built-in geyser.
  • Tailgate double slide (Easy access for up to eight ammo boxes, 4 ammo boxes are included).
  • 90L dual fridge/freezer and gas stove.
  • Built-in cutlery and crockert cupboard with hot and cold water tap.
  • Dual deep-cycle batteries with 12V power for the geyser.
  • 3 LED lights.
  • 4 Hella plugs.