Infanta Enkulu 1

2020 Model
2020 Model
2020 Model
2020 Model
2020 Model

New aerodynamic design which also increases inside and outside packing space. *Small, light, agile. *Easy and quick setup. *Perfect for on-the-go couples who want to pack up and leave in an instant. *Manufactured from aluminium and polycarbonate – no wood. *Total length: 4.6m *Width: 2.05m *Height: 2.05m *Weight: 920kg


More Details

  • Double bed with lots of storage space inside
  • Electronic roof (standard)
  • Insulated with 38mm polystyrene
  • Outside kitchen area with high pressure geyser
  • Outside pop-up shower
  • 270º awning with optional sides
  • 120-litre water tank
  • 10a ctek charger and battery monitor & step-up charger for solar panel
  • 2500kg auto-reverse braked axle with 36-inch leaf springs and shocks
  • Lots of extras to choose from